Okay, so here's our (literal) elevator pitch:

We feel so excited, and so grateful to be moving into our #DPforeverhome in just a few months. We know that this big, old, three-story building (more on that below) is beautiful and perfect for our forever school home.

But it also has A LOT of stairs.

This fall, we are going to install a new elevator to ensure that ALL of our students, staff, families, and neighbors can access and use all of the spaces in our entire building for years to come.

We need to put down a $45,000 cash deposit ASAP to make it possible for us to move in by December. Would you consider supporting us as we work to live out our mission of providing a "world-class and equitable education" in Detroit?
Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Donate directly to our elevator campaign by clicking the donate button below

2. Share about our campaign with a friend or two! The more people who donate, the quicker we will be able to install our elevator and move in to our new space.

3. Create a Facebook Fundraiser! This is an easy way to spread the word and create an even larger network reach! Instructions to create your own fundraiser can be found here.