Partnering with Families

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At Detroit Prep, we believe that the families are a crucial part of our crew. We understand that parents are our students’ first teachers and will be our students’ life-long advocates. We hold community meetings regularly and share ownership of many things in our school - of everything from recess duty to curricular decisions. How parents get involved with individual crews at the school varies to meet the needs of each crew and crew leader.

In this post, I want to share about how families have been involved with my crew this year. At the end of the day, my crew has a block of choice time. During this time, students either participate in learning activities of their choice or meet with the teacher individually or in a small group for remediation or enrichment. 

This year my crew decided to invite parents to participate in our choice time one day a week. We asked our parents either to come in and join with pre-planned activities or to prepare an activity to share with us. Some visitors have come in and played tens frame war or read books with us. Others have gone above and beyond and brought us new, exciting learning activities. One family brought an interactive book about Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and taught us about the many instruments that compose an orchestra. Another family treated us to a healthy pancake party. We showed cooperation in groups to prepare the pancakes, set the table and assemble fruit skewers!

Having family members join our crew is an amazing experience! The crew is grateful for the knowledges shared and the time given by guests. As a teacher, I immensely appreciate the compassion and cooperation Detroit Prep families. Working together - teachers and families - we can offer DP students enriching and impactful educational experiences.