Crew // Starting Our Week Off Right!

Imagine if you could begin your Monday with all of your coworkers greeting you, sharing about their weekends and goals for the week ahead, playing and laughing together, and also taking a moment for mindfulness.  Now imagine every Friday, you do that same thing to close out your week. Think about the impact that would have on your week and the culture of your company. That’s what we do at Detroit Prep!  

After breakfast on Monday (and again on Friday afternoons), we all sit down together in our cozy space and...

  •  We all greet each crew with songs and chants.  Ms. Jen, our Head of School, and our light leaders [students who consistently model our Habits of Character] introduce our Detroit Prep crew to our greeting.  Greetings make everyone feel welcome and included.

  • We all think about and share ideas.  Our shares are related to students’ Habit of Character learning targets [ex: How will you leave a space at Detroit Prep better than you found it this week?], an upcoming event [ex: What are you doing to prepare for Student Led Conferences?], or a reflection on a previous event [ex: What was your favorite part of Celebration of Learning? Why?].  Sharing allows the community to make connections with each other.

  • We all play and laugh with an initiative. This is by far my favorite part.  The community gets a chance get out some wiggles [move our bodies] and use curiosity and creativity to play.  Some of our crew favorites include Freeze Dance, Good Morning, Your Majesty and Poison Ball. Playing and laughing relieves stress.  It also gives students an opportunity to work on and build social and emotional strength.

Crew is more than just a fun way to begin and end our weeks together.  There are many benefits to committing to community crew twice a week. One of the most important is that it gives us an opportunity to build a strong school culture.  It creates a safe space where students voices are heard and lifted up. And, it promotes a sense of belonging for everyone involved. At Detroit Prep, We Are Crew!