Art // Brain Breaks

We’ve come a long way in education from sitting still in class and memorizing from a textbook. As teaching and schools grow into the 21st century, we are searching to find and implement meaningful and thoughtful procedures, teaching strategies and more to support all of our students. One thing that all children need is to move. Over time it’s become standard practice to have the kids move more frequently throughout the day. As the 2017 New York Times article, Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class, states “Adults aren’t wired to sit down and retain information all day--neither are kids.” That’s where Brain Breaks come in.

Brain Breaks are a wonderful and simple! The concept is that following a rigorous lesson or during natural small breaks during the school day, students have a movement break. It can be as high tech as following a video brain break which can be found on Youtube, with a simple Google search or there are a variety of videos to be found on My personal favorites are the various Moose songs from I urge you to try watching Purple Stew without dancing or singing a long. The students love it and I often find myself singing the tune on the way home. 

Brain breaks don’t have to be high tech, though. They can be as simple as having a wiggle break for 30 seconds when students need a quick breather. Those thirty seconds or two minutes or three are part of my classes almost daily. They bring the students joy. They give them a quick break to let loose and play. And when they start their work again, the kids are excited and ready to get back to creating art.