Kinder Crew // Brain Breaks

Throughout the school day, there are a lot of active and engaging activities incorporated into lessons to support student learning. Even with engaging and fun stories, movement, and games in lessons, there are times when students need to just let some wiggles out and unwind. We call those times of the day brain breaks! A brain break can look different from crew to crew. Some brain breaks can be a short sing-a-long or dance, like the Hokey Pokey, while others may be more of a game, like Pop!

Brain breaks are not only a great way to incorporate movement and fun on a daily basis, they can also be used to reinforce the habits of character and academic standards in a fun way. If students are working on responsibility, by actively listening when others are speaking, a game of Simon Says would be a great brain break to practice listening carefully to the person being Simon. Another game like Pop could be used to incorporate the math skill of counting, but still give students a chance to have a break.

A great resource for brain breaks that can be used at home as well is the website There are many interactive games, songs, and dances to choose from. The best part is that once students become familiar with the songs and motions, they are able to do it anywhere and at anytime without the video to guide them!