3rd Grade Crew // Building Culture Through Initiatives

At the start of each Detroit Prep day, crew members circle around to hold Morning Crew. Morning Crew is an essential part of each day where crew members participate in greetings, shares, and initiatives. Crews focus on showing six habits of character that are intentionally immersed in language and activities throughout the day. This is a time where crew members can learn about themselves and each other while embracing their differences. 

Initiatives are where crew members play games and participate in activities where they display compassion, perseverance, integrity, cooperation, curiosity and creativity, and responsibility. Detroit Prep’s habits of character are at the core of the work crew leaders and crew members do each day.

The crew builds relationships and trust through morning crew. They look forward to being able to greet their friends and other crew members. Some mornings, crew members are greeted by the entire crew and sometimes, it is their choice of who they greet. It is amazing to see so many crew members greet people they don’t usually play and work with.

Through the daily share, crew members get to think about personal choices, reflect, and share personal information. The crew learns so much from and about one another through  these shares.

The initiative is where the crew has a lot of fun! Playing games like Headbandz and minute-to win-its, allows crew members to play in cooperative groups, use compassionate words and actions, and persevere through obstacles. It really builds a sense of crew when members feel successful as a team.

Morning Crew is the most important 20-30 minutes of the day. Building emotional and social supports with one another and creating a sense of CREW.