March Is Reading Month!

The month of March is always a really exciting time of year in any school because it is known as Reading Month across the nation! For many schools, National Reading Month is kicked off with a celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. At Detroit Prep, we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday and National Reading month by reading Dr. Seuss books and filling out a fun rhyming activity on Cat in the Hat’s hat, mixing up crews for a weekly buddy reading schedule, and inviting guest readers into crews during labs time to read their own favorite books from home!

For our first week of the buddy reading system, all crews celebrated Dr. Seuss and his wonderful books by reading their favorite Dr. Seuss books with a buddy in another crew. After having some time to read with a new crew, students participated in a fun activity with a hat outline from the Cat in the Hat book. With the outline, students were able to channel their inner Dr. Seuss by filling in each stripe of the hat with their own fun and silly rhyming words! Once the rhymes were complete they colored in the hats to make the signature red and white stripes.

The Dr. Seuss celebration was not the end of the buddy reading festivities though! Buddy reading has continued all month with all of our crews meeting up every Wednesday to read books, fun stories, and work on cool new activities. The students love being able to buddy up with their siblings and enjoy a good story with responsible leaders from the first and second grade crews.

In addition to our weekly buddy reading system, all crews have also been open to guest readers during labs time. There have been several guests, families, family friends, friends of crew leaders, coming in to read their favorite books and expose all of the students at Detroit Prep to some wonderful literature both old and new. Detroit Prep has had quite an eventful reading month and will continue to use the momentum from this month to grow a love of reading from all of our students!