2nd Grade Crew // Field Study!

Field Study is an important part of the learning process that makes what students read about in the classroom more authentic to their lives.  Second grade has been studying pollination since February and we will continue our learning on this topic through June. This seems like a long time to spend on one topic, right?  It could be if students are not excited and engaged in their learning! How do we keep students engaged for so long? Well it’s a combination of reading nonfiction and fictional literature, hands-on play based learning, interviewing experts in the field, and FIELD STUDY!  

This year second grade visited Leslie Science and Nature Center.  Students were introduced to experts in the field and were able to get a close look at the pollinators they have been studying up close! Students went on a nature, worked in groups to discover the life cycle of bugs, and playing a exciting game of pollination tag.

When students attend a field study, they attend as researchers.  Their job is to take notes and learn as much as they can from their environment and the experts in the field.  Students explore with their note-catchers in hand so they don’t miss out on writing down any of the action.

Family members are invited and encouraged to join in on the learning fun. Most field study experiences offer an opportunity to families to have fun learning with their child.

Our next field study is planned and students are pumped to visit Belle Isle Nature Center to get a closer look at bees and their hive!