1st Grade Crew // Energizing Brain Breaks!

brain break .jpg

School days at Detroit Prep begin at 8:15am and wrap up at 3:45. That’s a jammed pack seven and a half hours of learning and growing our brains! To keep our 1st graders engaged and refreshed for each new subject throughout the day, we do frequent brain breaks. Brain breaks are quick, whole-class activities that give students opportunities to pause, move, and interact in safe, structured ways. They are quick and effective ways of changing the physical and mental state of the learners in our crew.

Our crew’s favorite brain break is GoNoodle! GoNoodle is an excellent online resource that gets everyone up and moving while practicing math, spelling, vocab (etc. etc.) in many new and exciting ways. Our crew especially loves the different songs with movement that allow us to skip count to 100 in different ways. As a crew leader, I love the fact that GoNoogle provides many different mindfulness videos as well. These are a great opportunity for us to cool down with yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation while focusing on the topics of managing stress, enhancing focus, building compassion, and practicing self control!

Brain breaks in our crew at times are also a fun read aloud, Simon says, or a coordinated dance break (our crew LOVES to dance). No matter what brain break option we choose, it is apparent that everyone has his or her mood boosted and feels reenergized and ready to learn when we are done.

Brain breaks are such a useful tool for our students to use to help activate, energize and stimulate their brains in a fun and safe way! `

Want to try some of these brain breaks at home over the weekend or on school breaks? GoNoodle is free website that only requires a parent’s email address to sign up. Head over to GoNoodle.com to check it out!