1st Grade Crew // Learning From Experts!

Here at Detroit Prep, one of our favorite things about following the Expeditionary Learning (EL) model is the incorporation of Field Studies to enhance our learning experiences. In addition to going on many field studies throughout the year, students also learn from experts to deepen their knowledge on our topics of study. Throughout the year, our students at Detroit Prep have learned from experts through virtual experiences like Skype or by having various family members or community experts share their expertise with us. Having experts visit us at school allows students to make connections between our academic work and the authentic world.

Recently, our first graders were lucky enough to have a visit from our own amazing social worker, Mr. Anderson’s, father…. Mr. Anderson (Senior)! Mr. Anderson is an avid bird watcher who has taken trips to many places in search of different birds. He was so knowledgeable on bird traits, habitats, their mannerisms, and so much more! Recently Mr. Anderson had traveled to Costa Rica and shared many beautiful pictures and information with our students from his trip.

The 1st graders were also all able to browse his bird books and take a look at his different pairs of binoculars to see what it is like to be a real bird watcher. Since our last module of study this school year in 1st grade will focus on how to care for birds, our expert was able to answer countless questions that our very creative and curious students had come up with.  

Our students have learned so much about birds through research in high quality texts, videos, and a field study to the Belle Isle Nature Center, but we felt so lucky to have had this firsthand experience with Mr. Anderson that enhanced our learning in a whole new way! We are looking forward to learning more and growing with many more expert visits.