2nd Grade Crew // Student Led Conferences

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Conference time at Detroit Prep is a time for celebration!  Students get amped up three times a year to share their growth and discuss their goals.  Conferences are a mandatory event for Detroit Prep families because we believe it is important for students to have moments with their family and teacher to boast about how hard they’re working.  It is important for students to understand their accomplishments and areas of growth and feel empowered by sharing these with families.

For those fifteen minutes, they run the show. Students spend time preparing for their conference at different points throughout the year.  Preparing for conferences is a time where students think deeply about what they are proud of and areas they feel they still need to grow in.  Students create goals for reading, writing, math, and habits of character.

When families meet their child in their classroom, students begin with a greeting [just like we do each morning in our crew meetings].  Next students move onto sharing all of they have worked on so far this year and what they are excited to continue to learn about. Students continue to flip through their prepared SLC folder which contains all of the work they have decided to keep and share.  When students are finished sharing their work they then encourage their families to ask questions! Students answer questions independently and confidently. The ending of SLCs at Detroit Prep is open for students to give appreciations to their families. We spend time in our crews talking about how families support them with their learning at home.  Students appreciate their families for things like “helping with homework”, “making breakfast each morning”, or “reading to them”.

Prior to working at Detroit Prep, conferences were a time when I would gather data on students and share what they have accomplished and areas they could grow.  Detroit Prep provides children with the opportunity to show off their hard work and practice articulating areas they feel are challenging.

The next Student Led Conferences are coming up this month! Can’t wait to see all of our families there!