ACE // We Are Yoga!


Character development is ingrained within our culture at Detroit Prep. It is one of the things that first captivated my interest about our school and something that makes me feel so fortunate to be a part of this learning community.

Prior to my time at Detroit Prep, I taught yoga and mindfulness in the Detroit Public School System with Danialle Karmanos Work it Out as well as taught yoga for an after school program for child and teens in Huaycan, Peru. I feel so fortunate that I am able to bring this passion of mine to our Detroit Prep crew.


13 students this fall, grades K-3, signed up to participate in a 10 week yoga after school program. Our 10 week program together stated by reading I Am Yoga by Susan Verde and created an anchor chart titled “We Are Yoga” that we added to each week. We discussed what it meant to embody our yoga practice through different socio-emotional skills and competencies. We discussed things like: ‘being’ yoga meant that in order for peace to happen in our world, peace needed to begin with us. We learned how we can feel peace in our bodies and minds by naming how we feel when we feel strong emotions, taking 10 calming ocean breaths and eventually our strong emotion will pass.