1st Grade Crew // ALL the Habits of Character!

If you have ever visited Detroit Prep, and had the pleasure to step into one of our incredible crew rooms, you may have been surprised to hear our students (some as young as five years old) using some pretty impressive language to appreciate friends, discuss how lessons went, or set goals for themselves or their crews. Words like perseverance, integrity, compassion, cooperation, curiosity and creativity, and responsibility are common language used by all of our students and staff because these words represent our six Habits of Character.

At Detroit Prep, our Habits of Character are just as an important as any academic subject. We teach each of them separately and they are integrated through every part of our school today. We focus on developing the habits that will ensure our students meet our mission of being ready to succeed in life and positively change the world in any way they choose!

Every day in our first grade crew, we meet together for our morning crew meeting to develop and strengthen our relationships and practice our Habits of Character. One activity we worked on recently together at crew can be seen in the below photograph. Our crew greeted each while simultaneously creating a spider web with a ball of yarn.

Spider Web.jpg

At the end of the activity, students reflected on how much perseverance this took to keep going even if the yarn was dropped or tangled. Another friend added on that we would not have been able to create our special web without curiosity and creativity and compassion to help each other continue on. Debrief conversations like this one are very common in all crews at Detroit Prep. Students as young as kindergarteners learn to intertwine the world of academics and our habits of character because we place such an important focus on both!

Teachers and staff at our school are passionate about providing opportunities for students to use and practice all six of the habits of character. We want students to be able to dig deep and push themselves beyond what they think is capable. The students at our school are so enthusiastic about utilizing and showcasing their knowledge of these habits and Iā€™m excited to see how much they are able to do with them this year!  

Habits Of Character.jpg