Field Work at Detroit Prep

The past three months Kindergarten and First Graders at Detroit Prep have explored the world of garbage and recycling.  Students discovered that garbage is a problem in their local community.  They explored what happens to garbage after it’s thrown away through nonfiction literature, movie clips, photographs, and field work!  

In November students visited Green Living Science in Detroit and walked around Detroit’s incinerator.  At Green Living Science, students experienced separating recycled materials and sorting them into the right bins.  Next they worked with a partner to create a garbage machine using recycled materials.  Each pair shared what they created and explained to their peers how it worked.  At the incinerator students were able to walk around the outside and use what they’ve learned to explain what was happening inside.  Students watched numerous garbage trucks drive in and out.  Once students were back on the bus, they used a see, think, wonder graphic organizer to draw pictures and write about what they saw, thought, and wondered during their field work.

After learning more about recycling, students visited Arts and Scraps located on Harper in Detroit.  Students began at their warehouse.  They used recycled (never been used and clean!) sock pieces to create anything they wanted.  Students used their curiosity and creativity to create glasses, necklaces, keychains, and more!  We hopped back onto the bus to head over to their store.  Students created “Friends of the Earth” using recycled materials.  Soon students will work with Ms. Beth in art to create something new with their leftover materials!  Last they were able to “shop” in their store.  Each student got a small bag to fill.   

Field work is an important part of the learning process.  In both field work experiences students were able to experience what they have been learning about in school.  As we move forward with our garbage and recycling expedition, students have even more personal experiences to reflect on and learn from.