Fieldwork to Arts and Scraps

The kindergarten and first grade students at DP have been hard at work learning about GARBAGE! In December we got to push our thinking on a fieldwork trip, one of my favorite parts of EL expeditions. Our fieldwork, as opposed to a typical field trip, is grounded in our expedition content and grade level standards, includes teaching from experts, and almost always has a service learning component. These are some of the most memorable experiences for both the students and teachers.

We traveled to Arts and Scraps, a non-profit on Detroit’s east side that “reimagines recycled materials to help people of all ages think, create, and learn.” First we visited their warehouse space, where we learned that many of their materials are leftover from various production facilities. We helped sort materials so that the next group of visitors could use them easily. Kids got creative while they made headbands, bow-ties, superhero masks, and necklaces out of old sock loops.

After our work in the warehouse everyone practiced making their own recycled art creation. The kids had a blast working together to make their recycled art creatures (come see them on display in the hallway!). Finally, everyone got to go shopping in the materials room - kids picked out recycled materials to take with them. We’ll be using these things to create 3D sculptures with our amazing art teacher, Beth. Come to our Celebration of Learning in February to hear more and see some of these recycled art products!