A Growing Kindergarten

A Growing Kindergarten

Who knew a garden could blossom in the middle of Fall? Our Kindergarten crew is growing more and more each day (both physically and academically)! It is amazing to watch the process unfold before me.

We started with a simple alphabet chant, added a sprinkling of word segmenting and sound blending, and now these Kinders have grown into readers and writers.

The root of this stems from a 20-minute Phonics block. During this time, students are being exposed to letters, sounds, words, and sentences. We use whiteboards, magnetic letters, phonics phones, and extra-large finger pointers too!

In just 11 short weeks, students grew from practicing letters and sounds on whiteboards to writing words. Students are able to transfer these skills into our Writers Workshop, where they not only write words, they’re creating sentences too! Students approach writing time with excitement!

Writing is a time where students can use illustrations and now WORDS to tell their audience stories or teach them something about a topic.

That’s not all our Kinders can do! We are also able to use our phonics skills to READ stories. We started the year by noticing illustrations and finding as much detail as possible.

Next, students started to recognize letters and sounds. Now students are recognizing high frequency words and even blending sounds to identify unknown words. We are well on our way to becoming fluent readers!

There is no doubt in my mind our kindergarten will continue to grow this year. By the end of June, these Kinders will blossom into eager first graders.