2nd Grade Crew // Literacy Labs

Monday through Thursday you will see our 2nd grade crew returning from recess, heading straight to our carpet spots, and eager to begin Literacy Labs.  The very first part of lab time is dedicated to a read aloud.  Our crew is reading Charlotte’s Web because we are focusing on compassion. Students listen to how the characters include others, help others, and use their words and actions to make others feel good.  We make connections between the characters actions and their actions towards others during lab time.  Next students focus a few minutes of their time to set a goal for labs that day.  Goals students have set recently are: 1.  I can use materials with care, 2. I can use kind words, 3. I can listen to others ideas.  Once goals are set, it’s time to jump into the labs!

During our first module students went to the Engineer, Imagine, Create, and Research Lab.  In the Create Lab students started by drawing self portraits and then  drew portraits of their lab partners. If students chose the Create Lab during the Choice and Challenge week, students worked on a portrait of someone important at Detroit Prep.  In the Engineer Lab, students used a ruler to draw an open face drawing of our classroom.  Next, students worked on designing an ideal space for students at Detroit Prep.  Students created designs for a new playground and classrooms that had their own kitchen!  In the Imagine Lab students use their curiosity and creativity to play.  Students use cooperation to share materials like blocks, whiteboards and markers, legos, and puppets.  The Research Lab was a place where students created surveys to get to know their crew a little better.  Students worked with their lab group to create a research question and possible answers.  The next week they surveyed their crew and worked together to create a bar graph to show the data.  Students learned: 1.  What our crew likes to do at recess, 2. What our crew likes to do best at school and 3.  What our crew likes to do after school.

Second grade LOVES Lab time.  It gives students a chance to practice and show our habits of character: responsibility, compassion, integrity, cooperation, perseverance, and curiosity and creativity.  It also gives students a chance to show what they’ve learned during module time in creative ways. It is the perfect way to end our day!