1st Grade Crew // Morning Crew

Crew Pic 1.JPG

Each day at Detroit Prep begins and ends in a very special way- with our Morning Crew and Closing Crew meetings! Monday mornings and Friday afternoons we get the chance to come together as a whole school for our community crew meetings. This is a chance for us to set up our goals and learning targets for the week and reflect on the progress we made at the end.

The rest of the morning crew meetings and closing crew meetings are done in our individual crews. We use crew meetings to establish a sense of community and shared responsibilities. We also build social and academic skills during this time as a way to increase our excitement about learning!

Here is what a typical morning crew looks like in 1st grade:

Greeting: In Mrs. Jackie’s crew, we start each day by singing our Hello Neighbor Song (you may have heard it sung at home- it’s a catchy tune!), followed by a new greeting each morning. Students feel important and that ‘it matters that I came’ when we take the time to individually say good morning to each person. One of our favorite greetings is ‘1-2-3-4, Come On______ Hit the Floor!’ This one allows us to say good morning while also showing off our favorite dance moves for friends ☺

Sharing: Next, we move on to our daily share time. Students improve their speaking and listening skills as they share responses to prompts. The prompts change each day. For the first 6 weeks of school, many of our crew shares were based around how our Habits of Character (compassion, cooperation, curiosity and creativity, integrity, perseverance, and responsibility) look, feel, and sound. Recently, we started having one table group per day bring in something special from home to share with our whole crew. Students share three things about their object and then can take questions or comments from friends!

Initiative (Group Activity): This is one of our favorite times of crew where we work together to problem solve, build class cohesion and have fun! Recently, when we were working on Integrity for our Habit of Character we became experts at the Telephone Game! Students worked diligently to pass the correct message around the circle and had fun showing their curiosity and creativity with their created messages! Another favorite is “Statues” where students try their best to distract friends, while some pretend to be statues (as seen in the pictures above!). On different days, our initiative may be another game (like Simon Says or Buzz), a read aloud, or a short video clip.

Morning Message: Each day students in first grade conclude their Morning Crew Meetings by reading the morning message. This is a time where I inform students of the day/date, special activities for the day and any upcoming news. We also take this time to practice or review one previously learned skill, such as high frequency words, addition or subtraction problems, or punctuation.

Morning Crew Meetings let everyone in our crew know that school is a safe place where all children’s feelings and ideas are important. Crew meetings are a great way to build community, have fun, and increase social and academic skills!