Getting to Know DP // Annie Markey, 1st Grade

Hi Detroit Prep friends and families! I am so thrilled to be working and learning with you this year. I've been teaching first grade for the past two years at Detroit Prep's sister school, DAA. I love planning and teaching expeditions, and I can't wait to get started with my new crew this year.

Before I started teaching at DAA I was in school at Michigan; my Masters is in Elementary Education and ESL. While I was in school I student taught in a kindergarten classroom, spent a summer teaching second grade math and reading intervention in Ecuador, and taught fifth grade ESL intervention. During all my classroom teaching experiences, my favorite thing to teach has been reading. I love introducing kids to new read aloud books, watching their eyes widen during the scary parts and hearing their laughter when something funny happens. I love helping kids get to a point where they're excited about reading and confident in their ability to decode, understand, and enjoy a story. I'm excited to continue building these skills with first graders this year.  

One of my favorite things about teaching project based learning is the experiences that kids have while they learn. Last year the first graders engaged in pieces of a human centered design process to fix up the park near our building. Watching tiny six year olds interview, discover, and distill information was an empowering experience for all of us. Seeing them work together to plan, give feedback, and reiterate designs set the tone for a whole year of working together, being open to new ideas, and persevering through challenges. (Playing on our fun new rainbow swing set was an added bonus!) I can't wait to see how Detroit Prep's first group of first graders engages with projects this year, and I know that soon I'll be filling blog posts with all the creative and inquisitive things they do.